about me

Eduardo Politzer is a sound artist based in Rio de Janeiro.

Sound Designer, in love with noises ever since the kid days.

Guitar Player, in love with music ever since the teen years.

Sound Artist, in love with sounds forever.


Everything started with a guitar. Suddenly it grew into bands, other musical instruments, building my own instruments, experimenting and studying the musical language. Then it turned into music production, trying by myself, learning synthesis, playing with microphones. Suddenly it became a job, working in movies, doing audio-post for local blockbusters. After a few years I went to Globosat where I had the chance to work with audio branding and animation, some awarded projects and mostly, how to be more creative everyday, day after day. Then it came VFS and the amazing sound design one-year super intensive course. Game audio, interactive sound, advanced sound design, foley, editing, mic techniques, mixing. It’s like a sonic universe condensed into one place and everything just crammed into my head!